Thursday, November 16, 2006

Do You Need Sharpening?

The Word:
Read: Proverbs 27:17

Do You Need Sharpening? By Randolph Koch

Many times we may have gone to use a knife to cut something. It may have been a pocketknife to carve something; or maybe a kitchen knife to carve your Thanksgiving turkey. When you went to use it you may have found that the knife was so dull that a butter knife would have probably been more effective. We then would have to sharpen the knife; or maybe taken it somewhere to get it sharpened. Then, sometimes to our amazement, even after we have sharpened the knife, it becomes dull again, and eventually ends up in the trash. Like these knives, we need sharpening. As believer's we seem to have a built-in ability to sharpen each other as long as we will utilize the tools and relationships that God has given us. What a joy and privilege it is to sharpen others and to be sharpened by others. It is sad though, that many choose to remain dull just because they don't want to put out any effort.

I tend to think of a "sharp" Christian as a believer that is actively growing in their relationship with the Lord, helping others grow. One that is on the alert against Satan's attacks. On the flip side, I think of a "dull" Christian as a believer that has become ineffective or stagnant in their relationship with the Lord and others and may have become Satan's prey as they have given in to this world.
I think that one of the most wonderful things about our walk with the Lord is that He uses people around you, right where you are, to sharpen you. Strive to be sharpened and to help sharpen others.

The choice is up to you. I pray that you will let Him sharpen you.

Questions To Get Started With:

-Are you a sharp Christian? Or are you dull?
-What would you like to be seen as?
-How do you become sharpened?
-Do you help sharpen others?
-Do others help sharpen you?
-Is all of the above important to you?
-As a Christian why should this matter and why should this passage matter?

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