Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wise Men Still Seek Him


In the midst of this Christmas Season may you be blessed as you celebrate the true reason for the season!

Today, as a tradition, I’m sharing a devotion with you that I wrote some years ago.

I trust that you’ll be like The Wise Men and Seek The Lord earnestly each day!

Merry Christmas! 

Have a wonderful day in Him! Please see the below.


The Word:
Read: Matthew 2:1-12

"Wise Men Still Seek Him" by Randolph Koch

      Some time ago I received an end of the year family Christmas newsletter from some friends. On the top margin of the letter was the phrase "Wise Men Still Seek Him." Today this phrase still rings true! 

     If you are a believer then at one point or another in your life, you were like many today that seek the truth. As a believer you know that the truth you were seeking is Jesus Christ. Even now as we grow in Christ we still seek Him! We now seek the One that we know; where as before we were strangers to Him. Isn't it wonderful to know that your search is now over! You have found the Savior of the world, (although He knew you and sought you first) and you can worship Him just like the Magi / wise men did! They followed the star to Bethlehem to find the King of Kings and Lord of Lords that they were seeking! This was the King that had been foretold would be coming and now they had found Him and came to worship Him.

     Today we don’t have to look for a star to follow in order to find Him because He is always with us! Many today seek the truth in all of the wrong places, only to come up empty handed. If you want to or desire to be wise then seek Jesus Christ today and every day!

     Share Jesus with those around you this year so they may come to celebrate "The Gift" of Christmas- Jesus Christ! Not only His birth but Salvation, that can only come through Him and by trusting in Him.

     There is no gift greater in value or worth than Salvation! In the eternal view of things, Salvation is the one gift that once you truly receive it or have it, you will never forget it or lose it; unlike the gifts that man creates, buys, sells, and gives.

Questions To Get Started With:

-Do you seek to spend time with Him?
-Why do we give gifts during Christmas?
-What can you do now to share Jesus Christ as the real Christmas gift?
-Do you know anyone at school, work, in your neighborhood, etc. that you could simply invite to your Christmas Eve / Christmas Worship services at your home church?

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