Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014!

Merry Christmas!

Here’s a set of links to devotionals and articles, links to songs and other items to add to your Christmas focus and celebration...

A Christmas Benediction:

The Christmas Story:
A PDF I put together to share the Luke 2 Account of the Birth of Jesus:
Christmas Story - Luke 2:1-38
Advent Guide:
Click on this link to find and purchase your own copy for only $0.99!

Songs to add to your Christmas Sound track:

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day - by Casting Crowns

Come and Worship by Bebo Norman

O Come All Ye Faithful/Sing To The King- 33Miles

Emmanuel by Geoff Moore:

Let There Be Light by Point of Grace and John David Webster

Because He is the Reason for Every Season,
Your Brother and Servant,

Randolph Koch

If you'd like a free PDF of this information to share with others, you can download it here:

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