Thursday, November 05, 2015

Advent is coming! Check out my Celebrating Advent Guide!


It may seem early to share but Advent is coming! In fact, the last Sunday of November is officially the First Sunday of Advent which for many helps kick-off the Christmas Season of Celebration!

If you happen to be someone who enjoys incorporating Advent into your Christmas Celebration or maybe you never have, I want to share the following link to the "Celebrating Advent Guide" I created and is now available as my first official resource via my online store!

Click on this link to find and purchase your own copy for only $0.99!

This simple guide will help provide the basics to help you Celebrate Advent as a church, as an individual or if you have a family - celebrate it as a family!

If your church doesn't incorporate anything directly related to the message of CHRISTmas let me encourage you to consider incorporating Advent into your own home as you count down the days to CHRISTmas!

Even if you don't incorporate Advent into your Christmas Celebration this year - may this simple guide encourage you by pointing you all the more to Christ and help you prepare your heart to celebrate Him - His Coming (Advent) Birthday that we celebrate on December 25th!

No matter what, may you help fight to Keep Christ in your CHRISTmas celebration!
Have a wonderful Christmas! Feel free to share this post about the guide with others! 

May this resource bless you!

Because He is the reason for the season,


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