Friday, November 25, 2016

You need to check out this Guide to Celebrating Advent!


Advent begins this Sunday! 

Advent can be a fantastic way for us to: 
#1 Remember the significance of Christmas and 
#2 Help focus our hearts, worship, celebration on the birth of Christ - the reason we celebrate CHRISTmas in the first place!

I created a Celebrating Advent guide that is written from a non-denominational Christian perspective and is meant to be a simple tool/guide - a starting point - to guide you in your observance. 

This resource is perfect to use as an individual, with family and friends or for your local church body as well to celebrate together!

As you'll see, there is practical information about Advent, instructions to guide you each week of Advent including suggested Scriptures and Prayers you can use or you can obviously do your own prayers. This resource was created with a lot of love!

Again, this is just a tool to help guide you through your observance.

You can use this word-for-word each year or again, create your own by adding scriptures from your own studies and of course your own prayers focused on the theme on each week of advent. 

No matter what, have fun, make it personal as you approach Him with a humble and thankful heart!

Have a great Christmas and Advent celebration as you celebrate the birth of Christ!

Go to the resource section of A Shepherd's Heart to find out more and to pick up your copy for a very low / affordable price! Please see the store for price.

Why such a low price?...because I wanted to create an affordable resource so this practical information can get into the hands of as many people as possible who want to add this to their Christmas celebration. 

Please check out this resource and tell your friends about it as well as we seek to follow Christ and keep Him in the center of our Christmas celebration!

Because He is The reason for the season,


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