Friday, February 09, 2007

Bibles for the PDA and Blackberry

Thought I’d pass on some useful information in regard to a few of the available Bibles for PDA’s (Like the Palm Pilot) and Blackberry devices. Some of the sites also include versions for the Pocket PC as well.

If you’re on a limited budget, you and I probably would like to find things at no cost or low cost if possible so the following selections offer free and other low cost alternatives in a variety of Bible Versions.

Bibles for the PDA:

Bible+ Application: You’ll have to download and install/sync the Bible Plus software first of course and then you can install/sync the Bible version of your choice.

Bibles for Bible+:

Since the translation I typically utilize wasn't available for free (Mainly NASB) I ended up downloading the ESV which is another great translation and very similar in reading and accuracy.

There are also numerous other versions available including the KJV.

The program so far is working very well for me and with the version I downloaded, it's feature rich with search functions, book marking, and if you have more than one version loaded, you can split the screen to study/compare them side by side.

It’s a very well done program and Free unless you choose to purchase a not for free Bible version to go with it.

Bible for the Blackberry Device:

If you have a Blackberry there a Bible versions for the Blackberry out there from what I understand. I did a search and most of the software companies that offer Bibles for the Palm Pilot also offer them for the Blackberry. (I.E. OliveTree and Laridian)

I don't have a blackberry myself but I learned that if you point your Blackberry to the following link: you can read the entire Bible without having to download software.

Check it out if you have a moment sometime and let me know how it works as it would be great to share with all those Blackberry users out there.

Also I found the following for Blackberry users: or this has 4 different versions of the Bible. (NIV, KJV, ASV, and WEB I believe)

For the PDA and Blackberry there are other offerings out there, just do a Google search to see what they are.

Now if anyone hears of a Free Bible on CD or MP3 let me know as I’d like to upgrade from a cassette version. I’d like to get the NASB or ESV on CD or MP3.

Take care and I hope one of the above helps you if you have a PDA or Blackberry!