Monday, May 23, 2011

The End Is Near?

I posted this last Friday on the Eve of the day where some were promoting the idea that the rapture was coming and the end of the world. Meant to post it here in addition to the other place I posted it and know this is a bit after the fact but none-the-less it serves as a reminder of the sufficiency of Scripture - we need to take God at His Word and stop making stuff up or in this case making the Bible say something it does not say!

Here's what was posted for your edification:

There are people stating that the end of the world begins tomorrow and they base this on some mathematical calculation using the Bible.

Here's what the same Bible has to say about date setting, "But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone." ~ Matthew 24:36

In sum, no man will know when the end will come or when The Lord will return - God only knows that!

I'm choosing to follow what the Bible really says and not what some person or group of people are stating.

Furthermore, What is more important is that we are ready for the real return and end times - are you ready for that?


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I've been thinking today about failures and wanted to share a brief thought on failures as so many believe that failure define who they are and I'd like to submit to you that they do not! I may add some scriptures to this post later but consider the following:

You still have to own up to your own failures as they usually come with consequences of one form or another but as Zig Ziglar said one time "Failure is an event, it is not a person." Your failures in word, action, etc. don't define you as a person so pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and press forward learning everything you can from your failures and don't let it define who you are!

Also, it took Thomas Edison 1,000 attempts before he created the first working light bulb. So is he remembered for the 1,000 "failures" or the end result which your home is full of today?

I think you see my point now and I hope you do because you're failures are temporal and they do not and should not define who you are to others or ultimately to yourself.

Lastly, God does not see you as a failure, rather, you are diamond in the rough, clay in the Potters Hands, a work in progress so, allow yourself some grace and seek out who you really are according to God's Holy Word.

God Bless You and may He help you keep your eyes fixed on Him!

In His Strong Love,


A New Approach

It's been a while since I've written on my blog partially because when I started this blog a few years ago I like to post more insightful or what I believe complete content like devotionals I've written or essays, sermon info, or sometimes what others have written. I also admittedly tend to lean toward "perfectionism" at times but this tends to limited me from sharing everything that is on my heart and mind. :-)

Today I've resolved to try and write more regularly whether simple thoughts, devotionals, essays, and more. Whatever I am processing, thinking on, or that I think will be of edification to whomever stops by for a visit - I will post going forward. This is a blog for me to share my thoughts anyway and to encourage you, right!? :-) 

So, going forward you'll see a variety of things come your way and I hope all will be encouraging, challenging, and thought provoking ranging from simple to complex. 

Thanks for visiting or following this blog and for praying for me as I step out to try to share more regularly from the heart of a shepherd.

God Bless,