Randolph Koch has the heart of a shepherd and as a passionate servant shepherd he has served God and His people in the church in and outside of the church in a variety of ministries since 1989.

For many years he’s been a biblical “tent maker” working full time for fortune 500 companies to support his family while serving in non-staff and staff pastoral and lay ministry capacities helping meet the spiritual and physical needs of others. 

In addition to local church ministries, he has served the church outside the four walls of the church meeting places virtually around the world via the web and social media seeking to encourage, build others up and disciple them in their walk with the Lord.

Randolph has a Bachelors in Ministry and practical experience and education in communications through Radio and Television Announcing and Production. He's also an ordained and licensed minister.

He is communicator and a proponent of social media, blogs as well as collaboration and other technology as a medium to communicate and connect with people in the local community and beyond.  

Randolph grew up in the Portland Metro area and currently lives with his wife Angela of over 23 years and 5 dynamic kids (with four officially who are now young adults!) in Hillsboro, OR all of which he refers to affectionately as his "Entourage". 

Please also visit the following page for a glimpse into how God called Randolph to Himself. 

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