Wednesday, February 08, 2023

2023 February Through July Memory Verses!

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I've been giving thought to the typical monthly memory verse(s) that I share and I thought it would be good to do something slightly different in 2023.

Instead of a different theme and verse or verses each month, I thought it would be good to focus the next six months on one theme which is sharing your faith via memorizing the verses around The Romans Road. 

What's The Romans Road? Some of you may be familiar with it already but just in case you aren't, it's a simple tool that can help you explain The Gospel using verses from the book of Romans which is comprised of Six Pillars of Truth drawing from a group of six verses from The Book of Romans.

To get us started, here are the February to July memory verses: (We'll memorize something else August - December)

Please also see the following link for a pdf file with the above memory verse if you need a larger format:


Image Only:

I'll be following up in the days to come with additional information and at the end, I'll send you a one page Romans Road handout that you can fold and tuck away in your Bible as a ready resource when God gives you an opportunity to share faith.

As always, I recommend you memorize scripture using a good word for word translation such as the ESV or another translation. 

Let me know how I can be praying for you. 

Your Brother and Servant in Christ, Randolph Koch 

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