Help A Shepherd's Heart

Thank you for your interest in helping move the mission of A Shepherd's Heart forward for God's Kingdom and glory!

As a "tent maker" ministry, (
Randolph works a regular job to supply for the needs of his family and to give toward God's Kingdom work through the local church and does volunteer ministry work.) A Shepherd's Heart does not have or receive regular funds to enhance ministry efforts nor do we typically ask for support. We'd greatly appreciate your help so we can fulfill God's calling on this ministry on an ongoing basis. 

From time-to-time we're asked about the needs we have and how can we be helped and here are 4 ways you can help: 

1. Prayer: Your prayers for God's Ministry through us is vital!

2. Share a Gift: If you believe in and are encouraged from this ministry, please prayerfully consider a gift of any amount through your favorite app or site
just like giving to a friend.
  • VIA Cash App: $ashepherdsheart 
  • VIA Venmo: ashepherdheart
  • VIA Paypal:

     a. Or, use the following e-Mail address to send any amount via other apps or sites that
         utilize e-Mail Addresses:

     b. Or, you can send a check payable to Randolph Koch

Please mail to:
A Shepherd's Heart / Randolph Koch
812 Belle Pond Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37932

3. Technology: We have ongoing technology needs. Please contact us via if you'd like to find out what we need in order to potentially help meet this need. This would be greatly appreciated for future projects and content fulfillment. Please Note: We're open to used and new technology items.

4. Referrals Are you encouraged, blessed, and benefit from this ministry in some way? If so, please re-share what we share via Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and this website. We're here to serve in many ways as we seek to encourage, serve and buildup the body of Christ! 


Is my gift tax deductible?: 

A Shepherd's Heart is Not a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and we will not seek to become one. Why? After seeking counsel from experts in this area, it was determined that there is no benefit for a small organization to form a non-profit. In order to become a non-profit, it takes funding and legal consulting just to accurately register and it's also very cost apprehensive and time consuming on an ongoing basis. None of which is feasible for a small ministry to establish and maintain. If you do give, please know that unless your tax consultant says otherwise, you will not be able to deduct your gift on your taxes. 

A ministry of integrity: 

All funds provided will help us help those in need as well as help purchase needed basic equipment, sustain software needs, develop new projects and content, and help provide general ongoing support. We operate with the highest ethics and are held accountable by God and all those who benefit from this ministry. No money will ever be wasted on frivolous things. All funds will be directed to the mission and support of this ministry that God has given us!  If you ever have questions, please feel free to contact