Thursday, August 05, 2021

No, You Can't Have Your Own Truth.

My friend,

We live in a time where The Truth is under attack. A time where the world thinks the truth is for sale, that the truth is "relative" (no absolute truths), where people are really big on proclaiming that they live by "their truth" and that you should live by "your truth". From a secular perspective, it may seem appealing but is it really truth and where does it end?
The truth always leads us somewhere and it should bring about lasting change and boundaries to live by but I'm not convinced that the world's "truth" is really the truth.
The truth today it's less about truth and more about people thinking their opinion is the truth no matter how untrue and baseless what they are saying is.
In "living their truth" it often seems like they are trying to somehow justify a ton of sinful behaviors, push baseless claims, and again to push an opinion which doesn't really equate to "truth". Basically, it's a "leave me alone with "my truth (opinions)" and "however I want to live my life no matter what" viewpoint.
To be 100% clear, while we all have opinions, there is no your truth, my truth, or their truth. There are only opinions and The Truth and The Truth will set you free, not keep you in bondage.
Furthermore, you can try to live "your truth" and they can try to live "their truth" but in the end, it will lead to destruction because it's not The Truth.
Let me remind and encourage you that as followers of Christ, we are to live by God's Truth which is The Truth and as we do, we are also to speak The Truth in love.
As we pursue The Truth, let me also encourage you to make sure that in sharing your opinions and taking in other opinions, to pray and then check it against the lens of Truth which is God's Word, before you communicate it or take in the opinions of others.
May we make it our prayer that we would be led by and live by God's Truth through The Holy Spirit always in Jesus’ name and may we never be swayed by or buy into "truth" of this world.
You're in my prayers.
Your brother and servant in Christ,
Randolph Koch
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