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Thank you for connecting with A Shepherd's Heart and Randolph Koch via the YouVersion Bible App or Website! 

The following is a growing collection of Devotionals that I've specifically written for and published via the YouVersion Bible App and Web Site. 

It's an honor to serve the body of Christ and I pray that you will be encouraged and challenged by these and future plans as you seek The Lord through studying His Word. 

If you haven't checked out the devotionals already, please click on the link below or scan the QR Code, or you can click on links/images below to be taken to the study via the app on your phone or via the website on a PC. Please feel free to share these with family and friends! 

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'Rooted In Christ' Devotional Supplemental Links to resources for further study: 

Day 1: Links to explore further about salvation:

·        The Romans Road
·        The Bridge to Life
·        Steps to Peace With God

Day 2: Links to explore to go grow deeper in God’s Word:
·        5 Bible Study Methods
Day 3: For further study about your identity in Christ, check out:
·        Your Identity In Christ

Day 5: Link to explore:  
·        The Prayer Hand (A great resource from The Navigators)