Monday, June 13, 2011

Congregational Government


Here's a good post on church government: Elder-led Vs. Congregational-Led. 

One is a Biblical Model as it's outlined in the Word (Elder-led) and the other is not but many churches have adopted this form of Government (Congregational-led). I wonder what our churches would look like, would they be healthier specifically in the US if Christian churches chose the Biblical Model?

It's not that the congregational input isn't important but there's God's way of doing things and then there's man's way of doing things. Elder-led governments still hear what the congregation is saying but God appointed elders to lead the church and we should pray for and trust our elders to do what God has called them to do which is to lead the church.

Read this below linked article and then come back here and share your thoughts on the topic.

Link: Congregational Government

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