Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Christ is the Head of His Church

This video may be an introduction for a conference but what he shares in this brief video is something that the Church needs to hear again in my opinion:

R:2012 - The Church from Resolved on Vimeo.

You may want to pause the music that plays on this site by navigating down the right side where it says Tunes and press pause so you can properly hear this video.

We need to Uphold and Preach the Word and the Gospel and keep Christ as the head and the center of the church in doctrine and practice.

Lets make sure our churches, our pastors, teachers, elders are doing this!

Not focusing on the next big program or campaign but focus on The Word of God and keeping Christ as the head in everything we do as we need to grow not through temporary plans but by the everlasting Word of God and through Him, Jesus Christ who was crucified!  

Something to think about and pray about!


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