Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Of Skipping Rocks & Impacting Lives

I recall numerous times as a child where I’d stand on the bank of a body of water and I’d collect as many of the smoothest and flattest rocks I could find and put them in my pocket.

Then like any kid I’d take the rocks and sling them one by one across the water to see how many times I could skip it across the surface as well as how far I could reach. 

If was a more narrow body of water the goal would always be to try and reach the other side of course with as many “skips” as possible.  :-)

As I’d make each attempt, the rocks would touch down briefly and repeatedly upon the surface of the water as it moved along the path of its journey.

Each place it touched down it would create a ripple on the surface of the water and if I’d skipped it enough times, one ripple would eventually span out and connect to the next ripple in the water.

As I sat on the bank of a river during a recent backpacking trip I began to reflect on my own life as well as the life of others. My childhood memory of skipping rocks came to mind as an image of the life we live and the journey we are traveling from cradle to the end of our days here on earth.  (Like one side of the river to the other side – the far bank)

Like a rock being moved in its trajectory and briefly touching down skipping across the water - we also have an impact on those around us.  We also have multiple touch points as we come into contact with others and build relationships.

I think God brought all of this to my mind because you and I need to understand that we so easily forget the tremendous impact we have on others whether in a positive - life giving way or a negative - life stifling way.

Never let anyone tell you or convince you that you do not or cannot make an impact on the lives that have been placed around you because it’s a complete lie!  God has created you with purpose and for a purpose! (Read Ephesians 2:10 for a reminder)

We are to live for God’s purpose, plan and will and that includes loving and serving others (Read Philippians 2:2-4, Acts 2:44-46, John 13:34-35, 1 John 3:16-18, 1 John 4:7-12 and 1 John 5:1-5 for some reminders)

So, let’s strive to impact others with only good things like love, encouragement, acts of service and more! We will be better people and grow more because of our humble dedication to God’s work while serving and impacting others!

In turn, with our impact on them, prayerfully they’ll touch the lives of others.

Go impact lives my friend because you are more than capable of doing so as you have much to offer and God is on your side! 

A Prayer: 
Heavenly Father, Help me to never take for granted that You have placed me here, given me life so I may live for You and my life impacts other people in big and small ways. In fact every life has an impact on another like ripples in the water... One life touching another life...touching another... 

Help us me be responsible and purposeful in how I do interact with and impact those You've placed around me!

In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen



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