Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Fruit of The Spirit - Get Ready To Grow!

Read: Galatians 5:22-23

If you follow God and take Him at His Word, You will see that He always provides a better way. 

He always has something better in store. This doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy but it does mean it will be better for you. 

In the case of the Fruit of the Spirit these are examples of the good fruits He wants us to bear and He equips us to bear in place of the bad fruit He speaks about Galatians. 

Let me ask you, have you smelled bad fruit? It’s not a pleasant smell is it? Well, much like bearing bad fruit I want you to remember the stench of the bad or rotten fruit you’ve smelled before? 

Depending on type of fruit, it may smell sickly sweet when it starts to go bad but if you ate it…it wouldn’t be pleasant. Or, worse yet, have you taken a bite of an apple or other fruit that looks good but when you take that bite…you find it’s not so good? 

Again, not so pleasant. 

Conversely, think of your favorite type of fruit (like a peach or maybe a mango, etc.,) for a moment that you enjoy and you take a bite and it tastes amazing! 

Now consider the contrast between the good and bad fruit we bear.  One is pleasing to God and can be pleasing to others and ourselves because we’re operating God’s way while the other isn't pleasant to anyone as we're not operating God's way. 

You and I need to remember that bearing Good Fruit isn’t something we can do completely by ourselves.

You bear good fruit with God’s help, through abiding in Christ and His Word and through the power of His Holy Spirit. 

What I’ve come to learn as I’ve abided in Him and His Word, is that God will equip you to bear good fruit over time through the circumstances of life. 

I’ve started to call these circumstances the “Here we GROW again times” instead of the “here we go again times” because God is actively at work in and through you and I for His glory and our good!  

He’s transforming us day-by-day as we seek to walk in newness of life - thanks to Him. 

He’s planting seeds of faith in each of us each day and cultivating the soil of our lives so we can produce the right fruit. 

A fruit tree doesn’t grow up over night. It takes time. Continue to seek Him and abide in Him and His Word!

Don't waste your life seeking to bear bad fruit or waste fruit, rather, seek to bear good fruit always. 

He will help you bear more and more good fruit as you journey through this life. 
So, get ready to Grow! 

Questions to get started with:
-What Fruit do you want to bear? Good or Bad? 
-Which is better for you? Why? 
-What is your part in bearing fruit?

Blessings In Christ,


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