Monday, June 26, 2017

Rightly Approach God and His Word

Read: 2 Timothy 2:15

Praying and believing Biblically in faith is very important, however, many today, whether unknowingly or knowingly, teach or believe false doctrines about God's Word. 

To some, this may sound harsh but it's unfortunately very true and we see evidence of this from others decisions and we may also recall times we fell into this wrong thinking ourselves. 

Some claim promises from God's Word for themselves that they believe God promises now when they actually are a promise for the future. In some cases, they aren't promises at all and only gives false and temporary hope for the individual. 

Praying scripture can be healthy, however, the so called "name it and claim it" doesn't quite work out all that well for the one naming and claiming it if it's not an actual promise or in many cases, taken largely out of context. 

This is detrimental to our spiritual health for sure and we need to rightly study and divide the Word of God and again, not take things out of context. 

"It is detrimental to our spiritual health to expect in the present what is only promised for the future." -Art Azurdia

We have a responsibility to honor God and His Word and this includes how we read, study, interpret, communicate and represent Him and His Word!

We also have to think rightly about God and how we think about Him starts with His Word and His Word through the Holy Spirits work is what our doctrine and theology is formed from and if we're not careful, we won't honor Him nor will we think rightly about Him.

If we're not careful, this quite honestly will lead to a weak faith built on a foundation other than God's true foundation and can lead to a formation of a "god" in the image of our own likeness or desires instead of The true, holy, loving, righteous and just God.  

Yes, we should hold on to God's promises but we need wisdom through His Holy Spirit to align our expectations regarding what applies now or in the future. This is the healthy way to build up rather than tear down your spiritual health and faith. 

God deserves to be honored and represented rightly. 

Let us pray for one another that we approach God and His Word in a thoughtful, accurate and honoring way. Furthermore, may we pray for one another that we'll regularly and rightly read, study, interpret,  communicate and represent His Word rightly with the help of the Holy Spirit.

In Christ Alone,


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