Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The "9 Keys To Walking In Christ" YouVersion Bible App Devotional Plan Just Turned 6 Months Old!


It's hard to believe that just a little over 6 months ago my first YouVersion Bible App devotional plan, "9 Keys To Walking In Christ", was released. (07/09/2018). This 9-Day plan is available in written and audio format. 

I wanted to share it again especially for those who have recently started following my little ministry. It simply an imperfect attempt to share 9 of the many practical things you and I can do to strengthen our walk in Christ. 

Here's The Plan description: "How do you walk in Christ? Like eating right and regular exercise, you have to be disciplined in exercising your faith to grow in your walk with Him. God's Word outlines many practical principles that will help you successfully walk in Christ. The aim of this devotional is to guide you through nine of the keys to help strengthen your walk."  

Here's the link to the plan: https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/12135-9-keys-to-walking-in-christ

More information below...

(If you open the link via a computer it will open to the web version. If you open via a phone where you have the YouVersion Bible App installed, it will give you the option of opening the plan in the app.  

These 10 images contain the cover image and then 9 insights from each of the 9 days of the plan:

Check it out if you'd like as you join the more than 8,000 people who in the last 6 months have studied via the plan. I pray you're encouraged by what you find in this humble offering from a fellow work-in-progress follower of Christ. 

Please share the devotional with your family and friends as well! 

Reach out if you have any question. 

Your Brother, Servant, and Fellow imperfect follower of Christ,
Randolph Koch
-Founder and Servant-Shepherd of A Shepherd's Heart

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