Monday, May 27, 2019

It's Time For a Faith-Lift

Read: Mark 9:17-29 and 1 Peter 5:6-11

From celebrities to everyday people like you and I, dissatisfaction abounds in many areas of our lives including the area of physical appearance. 

Unfortunately, many focus on physical appearance and go to great lengths to reconfigure themselves through plastic surgery when what they really need in many cases is a faith-lift instead of a face-lift. 

The same is true about issues of anxiety, depression, and the like. Some people of faith may rely only on the medicine prescribed to them when they also need to truly consider and turn to God and His Word for faith-lift. While there is a place for medicine in some cases,  we also need a regular dosage God's Word, prayer, and the encourage of The Holy Spirit to completely heal from a given battle with these things. 

There are times when we're really down or depressed. Most of the time when we're going through things like this in our daily lives, it's our own thinking or our wrong self-image that gets us messed-up or off-track. We fail to gauge things through God's filters and standards instead of our own. Our faith in God and ourselves needs a "lift" and our attitudes, thoughts, and actions need a "tuck." In other words, they need to be tucked away permanently. We need to see ourselves as God sees us, which is through Jesus Christ His Son who loves us with an everlasting love. We also need to believe that Jesus Christ can do miraculous things in our lives.

In Mark 9 we see the Lord Jesus Christ help one man get a faith-lift. The man came to Jesus because his son was demon possessed but we see that he needed some encouragement... a faith-lift before Jesus helped him. 

Jesus gave him the encouragement and reminder that He was able to do just as the man asked if he would simply believe. Then the man said something amazing as he was honestly broken before the Lord and he humbly cried out, "I do believe; help my unbelief."  When he'd finished saying this, Jesus then rebuked and cast the demon out of the man's son, who'd been possessed and tormented with a spirit of deaf and dumbness since childhood. What a miracle it was! What an amazing statement of faith the man made. He came to Jesus at first thinking that Jesus could possibly help but he didn't completely believe this it seemed. Then in the course of a short conversation with Jesus, he grew to believe and asked Jesus to help him believe. Jesus did this and more as he lifted him up through the miracle of the demon being cast from his son. What a day of celebration they must have had following their departure from Jesus! How exciting to see the man's faith lifted up by the Savior Himself. 

We're not very different than this man sometimes because we too put God in a box and basically say God can only do this or that for us or in ours or others lives; when in actuality God's never been limited by our boxes or lack of faith. 

We need to open our eyes and look around us; God is bigger than our unbelief. We need to be encouraged to remember what the scriptures tell us of God's power and might. If we don't remember and don't turn to the Word and prayer, then we'll do nothing more than continue to wallow in our unbelief when in actuality we should be fixing our eyes on Jesus, waiting and looking for His answer to our prayers and a miracle to take place in our lives in His perfect timing. 

God wants us to be encouraged, believing by faith that He will answer our prayers and meet whatever need it is we have according to His will. He also wants us to see who we are, see our identity in Christ and not our mere accomplishments, our appearance, or a our thoughts and feelings. 

With this, there are many that are being deceived or have become complacent believing that God can't do what His Word says He can do. There are also those that try to make excuses for their unbelief or try to blame a situation on one thing or another when they honestly really need to just stop, repent of their disbelief, and start praying believing that God is going to break through the situation or supply for the need they have. God can change anyone, any situation, anything, at any time!

Do you need a miracle? Do you or a loved one need a break through? Are you or someone you know overcome by a certain condition or addiction? God can change everything! He can transform even the bleakest situations! You may doubt me on this but you need to ask God to help your unbelief. Quit putting Him in a little box limiting Him to the few things you think He can do. 

He's God, and can do more than our finite minds can begin to understand. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you search the scriptures to taste and see that the Lord is good and He is powerful, able to work a miracle in anyone's life. 

Allow the Lord to give you a faith-lift today as He's ready and waiting for you to simply believe through faith in Him. He wants you to be encouraged and your faith made new each day. 

If we truly want a transformation, instead of turning to a medical procedure or merely a medical prescription, we need to turn to God first and foremost as He is The Great Physician. 

Let us pray that we'll have never-ending faith in Him, and if our faith should falter, we know He will lift us up. May we also prayerfully be used in others lives to build them up in the faith, helping others get a faith-lift and become strong in their walk with Him. 

Let's saturate our hearts, minds, and souls with God's Word. 

It's time for a faith-lift in each of our lives as we turn to God, His Word, and His Holy Spirit
instead of ourselves, others, or anything else.

Your Brother and Servant In Christ,

Randolph Koch 

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