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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Are you "Going through the motions?"

Each day we have choices to make and in those selection of choices we have to decide once and for all how we want to live "our" life and who we are living for.

If you're a believer and follower of Jesus Christ then I trust that you're living your life completely devoted to Him and no other. If you're not living for Him I encourage and challenge you to do so - make that change now as you've been redeemed and should be living and walking in the newness of life He's given you through salvation because of His sacrifice.

If you happen to be reading this but you haven't come to faith yet, or don't understand why you need to know Jesus Christ or have questions, here are two helpful links for you to check out that will answer your questions:

Again, to my brothers and sisters in Christ, you and I should be evaluating our lives to make sure we are living right. The following questions come to mind and I encourage you to ask yourself:
  1. What kind of life am I living?
  2. What legacy am I living and leaving?
  3. Am I really living or am I just "Going through the motions"?

Related to this, check out this video/song and then evaluate where you are and if you need to make changes right now. Be courageous and to borrow a title from a book, "Do the hard things"

You don't want to live your life and then look back full of regret because you weren't living right!

In Christ,


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