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Monday, February 22, 2016

A Prayer for the Brokenhearted - Monday, February 22, 2016

Read Psalm 34:18 ESV, Psalm 147:3-6 ESV and Romans 8:27-28.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for those who are, have been or will be brokenhearted. Unfortunately and sadly it's inevitable because this life is hard many times and we live in a broken world but we still know You'll work things together for good! 

Whatever causes the times of being brokenhearted in each case, may You:

-Minister to us and lift us up that we may shift our focus on You.

-Help us understand how close You are to the brokenhearted.

-Help us to never forget that You've never promised that life will be easy but You we do know that you are faithful, Holy and know what's best for us through what you allow to impact us including the choices we make sometimes. 

-Help us to learn and grow through these times and may we experience Your peace even amidst these hard times of brokenness.

-Help us cling to You and cry out to you all the more as You're faithful and true.

-Help us to experience Your Joy amidst the pain and heartache. 

-Turn our brokenness into another step toward being complete in You!

-Help us understand that being brokenhearted is temporary...and You can turn what seems like ashes into something beautiful in the process.

-Help us on the really tough days...simply get out of bed and see that day, no matter how tough it is, no matter the devastation we feel, as a gift from you, a new start, a chance to do things better, differently...including striving to do our part in whatever the circumstances to not make the same mistakes or choices again if we indeed contributed to that circumstance leading to our hearts breaking. 

-Help others make good choices too.

-Help us to avoid being brokenhearted in the first place if possible. 

-Help us to see our complete need for You and that You know us by name (and have known us by name even before we were born) and have been drawing us to Yourself since the day we were born! 

-Help us to turn toward You and receive Your free gift of salvation (if we haven't already) and walk with You all the days of our lives. In this sense our hearts are born broken because of sin and You're the great physician and healer of our hearts. 

-Help us to remember that You're the great physician and healer of our hearts.

-Help us especially during these hard times to pray as we should and read, study and abide in Your Word as we should.

I praise You and thank You and ask all these things in the name above all other names, Jesus, Amen.


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