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Monday, March 11, 2013

Remind Me Who I Am...

Are you struggling with your present circumstances? Do you struggle with your past? Do you struggle with insecurities? Do you label people or feel labeled? Are you struggling with your identity? Are you “paralyzed” trying to figure out who you are or by others opinions of you?  Are you listening to the lies and accusations of the evil one or maybe others in your life that hurl verbal abuse at you?

Stop right now and listen – you need only open and start reading and studying God’s Word, the Bible to see who you really are! Instead of focusing on what we call “self-esteem” start focusing on “Christ-esteem” meaning, every truth the Bible says about who you are and how God see your through and in His son Jesus Christ. This is where you true identity is...not in anyone or anything else!

When you have bad days, are feeling low, depressed, insecure, or whatever you may be thinking or feeling - open His Word and let His reminders wash over you! Don’t by the lies you, the evil one, or other people tell you. Cry out to God in prayer and lay down…give up…cast all those cares upon Him because He cares for you and doesn’t want you crippled by all untruths that are shot at you on a daily basis. Maybe even stop right now and ask Him, like this song/video by Jason Gray says…Lord, “remind who I am”…

Check out and dwell on this song and God’s word knowing that you are His beloved child!

Have a blessed day!

In Christ,