Sunday, September 28, 2008

Music Creativity RE: David Harsh

I've posted an entry or two in the past about a friend and gifted minister of music, David Harsh, and I've been looking for a few videos to share/showcase a glimpse of his gifting and creativity through guitar, vocals, etc.

As I've share before, David is a servant/ singer/songwriter/ musician. He does concerts, workshops, speaking, leads worship, and more! After checking out the following links for videos and other information, as well as the embedded video below, let me encourage you to share this information with your church or camp. He'd be a great servant to bring to your church / community to share the Love of Christ through song!! He also has a great sense of humor!

Here are the links:


More audio:

Here's the video: (You'll probably want to pause the music that plays in the background so you can hear the audio in this video properly. Just scroll down to right side of the screen and see the "Tunes" area where you can click on the pause button. Then you can play the video embedded below.)

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