Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Stock Market Down 777

During this time of great economic unrest I wanted to post a simple note of encouragement to you to remember WHO is in control. You and I need to be active in our finances and be sure that we are conservative in our saving, spending, and investments - especially right now.

In relation to this I also wanted to share something in response to a friend’s great question regarding the significance of the stock market losing 777 points yesterday in relations to the number 7 in prophecy, especially in relation to the prophecy about the break down of nations.

I thought you might have the same question or something similar so here are my brief thoughts on this.

Please note, I’m no expert on prophecy so this is again only my opinion but I hope that you’ll be encouraged in some way.

“You are correct, the number 7 is significant and is used many times especially with significance in The Book of Revelation.”

“In a nut shell: My opinion would be that on one hand, yes, A. it could be a prophesy coming to pass before us or it could be, B. God is reminding us that He’s in control and to keep our eyes on Him during these tumultuous times and at all times.”

“I lean more toward B. but will not discount A. either because God is God and I am not!”

“His economy is bigger than ours and on one hand, it’s no wonder our country, who no longer makes honoring God like our founding fathers did, a priority anymore, is having economic woes. Yet, we still know WHO’s in control.”

“Take courage, stand firm, and be/stay ready.”


God is in control and rest assured that He will make a way through this and in fact He already has a solution in mind and has had one long before these recent events!

Congress is not going to solve the problems our economy has but we all will inevitably bear this burden but again, we are not alone. God most High knows what is going on and will make a way whether this country likes it or not.

Don't forget to pray and don't stop praying for the United States of America, especially during this time.

Don’t forget to get into the Word and study it for yourself.

Continue to actively pray on the Full Armor Of God each day.

Do not be afraid because He alone is with you always.

God Bless,


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