Tuesday, January 06, 2015

9 Reasons why people aren't singing in worship

Some of you in the church may sadly blow this off as it doesn't fit into your philosophy, or as harsh as this sounds...maybe you don't care, or something else but I've observed and experience over the years many of things the author outlines.

I wonder if in the current state of church affairs (Specifically the church in US) if some of the "modern" worship leaders will be courageous enough to #1 read the below linked post (even if you don't agree), then #2 honestly pray and seek God about this, dare I say...#3 actually listen to the wisdom in your congregations, and #4 then adjust where necessary to steer the congregations back to genuine worship? 

This isn't really a matter of style or traditional vs. modern worship rather it's a matter of the heart and leadership/shepherding as well as everyone who attends desire to worship God in song genuinely and completely. Worship in Song is very important part of the life of the church so we ought to honestly and continually "check and adjust" to make sure we're on course. 

Here's the link to one of the article that have been posted on this topic: http://blog.ncbaptist.org/renewingworship/2014/06/11/nine-reasons-people-arent-singing-in-worship/ 

After reading the post, don't for a minute tell me that you as a worship pastor, leader, team, etc., have no responsibility in where worship is lead/what direction it takes on a weekly basis or that's just a heart issue of the congregations...yes, sometimes this is true but if people come week after week with an open heart, seeking God, seeking to worship Him in Song only to find that they are not being lead, or they are in store for a performance they cannot join, then it's not on the congregations. 

It's a complete cop-out as a shepherd or leader to ignore your role because you as the worship leader, pastor, etc, set the tone, atmosphere, "the stage" if you will for authentic worship and it's cop-out to say it's the peoples problem and not yours. Yes, you can lead and set the stage and some people still won't worship it but I believe that is a very small amount of people that fall into that category while the rest want genuine worship and are looking to you to lead them toward it!

So, pray and lead them to genuine worship and if you choose not to, why are you doing what you're doing? 

All these thoughts are something to prayerfully consider and if you're a leader and reading this, I hope you truly do!

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