Friday, March 26, 2021

The 7 Sayings Of Jesus On The Cross Devotional

My Friend,

As we head towards Palm Sunday this weekend, and Passion Week next week including Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, I wanted to share my YouVersion Devotional with you titled, "The 7 Sayings Of Jesus On The Cross."
The aim of this 7-Day devotional is to help lead us in a time of meaningful contemplation as we study the seven significant sayings of Jesus on The Cross.

Today, and this weekend may be a great time to begin preparing your heart, mind, and to spend some focused time in worship by contemplating all He's done for you!
Here's the link to the plan or you can search the title or my name in the YouVersion app search option:

I pray that the scriptures and devotional content included in this devotional will truly help lead you in time of meaningful contemplations regarding all God The Father accomplished through His Son Jesus' Sacrifice for you and I so we might have salvation and life in and through Him.
May we prepare our hearts to thank Him for His ultimate sacrifice and celebrate His Resurrection, His victory over sin and death!
Your Brother and Servant In Christ,
Randolph Koch

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