Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas Eve, Every Day!

My Friend,

It’s Christmas Eve and you may recall what it was like as a child as you waited in anticipation for all that Christmas day would bring?! You may have lost some sleep too due to the excitement! :-)

This brings to mind the many who were waiting in anticipation for the Messiah’s arrival, and they waited…for years.

I wonder what the anticipation must have been like!? Was it like Simeon that we learn about in Luke 2 who had been waiting his entire life for The Messiah? 

And then Jesus arrived the wait was over! What a day for Simeon that was and especially after The Holy Spirit showed Hi that he would not see death before he’d seen Christ! Then when Simeon met him face to face, he praised God! (See Luke 2:25-35)

Now as followers of Christ the wait is over! We’ve received His free gift of salvation!

We know and celebrate Jesus, The Messiah’s birth during Christmas an all year through. We don’t have to wait to receive Him, Worship Him, and walk with Him as He is The Messiah!

As we prayerfully live life with a childlike faith, it occurred to me that we can basically have a “Christmas Eve” every day as we anticipate and look forward to each new day to celebrate, walk with, grow in, and do life together with Jesus. 

We can meet Him daily through seeking Him through prayer, studying His Word, serving Him will our entire being, and walking in and being filled with His Holy Spirit. 

May you go to sleep and rise to greet each day with the blessed anticipation of meeting with Jesus, walking with Jesus, and serving Him. He’s our eternal gift that we get to appreciate each day.

I pray you have a wonderful Christmas, and may the light of Christ shine brightly in and through you each days as you live to do His will for all for His Kingdom and Glory!

Lastly, here's a special brief Christmas greeting from my heart to you:

You're in my prayers.

Your Brother and Servant In Christ,
Randolph Koch

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