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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Clergy Appreciation Month: Pastor, God has chosen you!

It's Clergy Appreciation Month and Here's a little something I put together for all my pastor friends as a thank you for all you do!
Let's not wait to thank our pastors one month out of the year! Let's thank them and show our appreciation all year long!
You'll want to turn off the music that plays on this site by scrolling down to the right and pausing the player under the Tunes section so you can hear the audio that goes with this simple video.  
Blessings in Christ,

(Duration: Less than 3 Minutes long.)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Clergy Appreciation Month

October is clergy appreciation month and let me encourage you to take time to send a note of encouragement via a card, email, or in person to the shepherds and other staff at your church. Or, you can also consider making them a special treat, or bring them something for their lunches, a small gift card or other gift, or whatever you think will encourage them by you showing your appreciation.

They are constantly bombarded with so many things and they serve, they shepherd selflessly and your care for them would be much appreciated.

Here's a link to the Clergy Appreciation Month site on (Formerly :

Here's a guide to Clergy Appreciation Month:

Pray for your pastor and staff!

Lastly, let me encourage you to take time to encourage your pastor and staff throughout the doesn't need to be limited to one month out of the year.

God Bless,