Friday, February 08, 2013

The Mind of Christ

We're called to put on the Mind of Christ!...and we need the Holy Spirit's help to do so! 

Take a look at the below brief word from Max Lucado on this and then let's pray for each other that we'll receive the help we need to put on His mind and live our lives as He wants us to! Amen!?

I can say that most days, it's very hard to put on the Mind of Christ yet, we're not alone and not left to do it on our own! We have the Holy Spirit and other believers in our lives to help us along the way which I'm thankful for!

Jesus is transforming us each day! Praise God that He is!

Please see the below!

Blessings in Christ,


The Mind of Christ
by Max Lucado

The heart of Jesus was spiritual. Our hearts seem so far from His.  He is pure.  We are greedy. He is peaceful; we are hassled. He is purposeful; we are distracted. How could we ever hope to have the heart of Jesus?

Ready for a surprise? You already do.  You already have the heart of Christ. Would I kid you?  One of the supreme promises of God is simply this:  if you’ve given your life to Jesus, Jesus has given Himself to you.

The Apostle Paul explains it in 1 Corinthians 2:16: “Strange as it seems, we Christians actually do have within us a portion of the very thoughts and mind of Christ.”

The same one who saved your soul longs to remake your heart. His plan is nothing short of a total transformation. Let’s fix our eyes on Jesus. Perhaps in seeing Him, we will see what we can become!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to Study God

How you view, study and think about God matters!

Why? Because how you view God is essential to how you view everything else in life including yourself!

If you have a right or wrong view of God it will positively or negatively impact your life and your thinking pretty much about everything.

Here’s a brief and creative video on “How to Study God”

Something great to think about as you study God’s Word, as you listen to messages each week at church, on the radio, internet, an as you think about and walk with Him each day!

Bottom Line - Your View of God / Theology really matters!

Check this out!: from Covenant Life Church on Vimeo.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Truth About Free Will

Here's a BIG Truth to meditate on as you head into the work week actively seeking to live out your faith each day: 

"Free will doesn't mean doing whatever you want. It means having the Freedom to do what is right." -Unknown

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Romans Road

The Romans Road is comprised of Six Pillars of Truth drawing from a group of six verses from The Book of Romans.

If you walk down this road you will arrive at an understanding of how you can be saved.

If you hover over the verse reference to the right of each of the 6 statements of truth below, the verse will appear in a window, or even better, let me encourage you to grab a Bible and dig into the verses that way!

1. No One is Good – Romans 3:10-12

2. We all Fall Short – Romans 3:23

3. Everyone is Guilty – Romans 5:12

4. We're All Guilty of Sin and Sin Earns Us Death – Romans 6:23

5. God Loves Us – Romans 5:8

6. Confess and Believe – Romans 10:8-10, 13

If you’d like to take a step of faith and receive Jesus as your Savior then here is a suggested prayer you can pray right now to enter into a new life with Jesus Christ fully forgiven and secure! This prayer does not save you but it’s a way to help you confess and receive in faith God’s Free gift of Salvation!
“Dear Father in Heaven, I believe in Your Son, Jesus. I believe that He died on the cross for my sins and that He rose up from the grave. I know that I am a sinner and I repent of my sins. I ask for Your forgiveness and I know that I'm forgiven. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior. Help me to walk with You. Thank you for saving me. In The Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

The Romans Road....this is a pathway you can walk, right now! 

The Question is – will you walk it?

If you’ve already walked The Romans Road and have received Salvation, praise God!

Now go and share The Romans Road with others who have yet to walk this road!

I'm praying for you! May you listen to God's voice as He draws you to Himself either in salvation or day-to-day as a follower of Christ as He guides and directs your path. 

In Christ,

Randolph Koch

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Special Request: The Sonrise Food Pantry Needs Your Help!

I have special and urgent request I wanted to share with you! My friends at the Sonrise Food Pantry serves 80 families a week providing them with much needed food staples in their time of need! They are facing an ongoing shortage of the following items: Tuna (and other canned meats), Peanut Butter, Beans (Canned and Dry), and Cereal! These items, if provided would not only help fill the ongoing shortages of these items but it will also stretch out their regular budget providing more of the other items they work to provide each week! If you're able to help meet some of these needs please drop items off at Sonrise (6701 Northeast Campus Way, Hillsboro, OR) during business hours or contact me via e-Mail address and we can find a time to connect. 
Seriously, even providing just a few items will help meet the needs of these families via the Sonrise Food Pantry! Whatever you can do will be very appreciated! 
Thanks for your consideration!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Confession, that's a word that isn't always received well in our society and even in the church sometimes. Yet, the Scriptures teach us that confession is truly positive, free-ing, for-our-good thing! It was provided to us by a loving, Holy, and Just God who doesn't want us to live and didn't create us to live with the guilt of sin or even bitterness and a whole bunch of other things that can happen due to unresolved - unconfessed sin.

When you agree with God by confessing your sin and that your sin is, well, sin, it frees you from a burden that only Christ was meant to carry for you and I.

The below brief devotional thought from Max Lucado is a great reminder of these truths.  Please see the below.

May you take time to read it and then take time to confess your sins so you can you truly walk in the forgiveness and freedom He's already provided you with.

With Love and Blessings in Christ,
Your brother and servant,




by Max Lucado

Today's MP3

Confession!  It’s a word that conjures up many images—some not so positive.

Confession isn’t telling God what he doesn’t know.  That’s impossible.  It’s not pointing fingers at others without pointing any at me.  That may feel good, but it doesn’t promote healing. Confession is a radical reliance on grace—a trust in God’s goodness.  The truth is, confessors find a freedom that deniers don’t!

Scripture says,  “If we say we have no sin, we are fooling ourselves, and the truth is not in us.  But if we confess our sins, he will forgive our sins, because we can trust God to do what is right.  He will cleanse us from all the wrongs we have done. John 1:8-9″

Tell God what you did.  Again, it’s not that he doesn’t already know, but the two of you need to agree!  Then let the pure water of grace flow over your mistakes!



Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, New Perspective on "Resolutions"...


As we approach the New Year and the proverbial need to make New Year's Resolutions, I think this quote from Paul David Tripp says a lot:
..."the character of a life is not set in two or three dramatic moments, but in 10,000 little moments." -Paul David Tripp

We ought to have goals in life and
to be clear, New Year's Resolutions aren't bad in and of themselves, however, I believe that it's in the goals we have and actions we take in the day-to-day where real victory and life change takes place for us.  
The "little victories" and the "little goals achieved" will lead to long term success! ...that is if you keep at it...don't give up...don't give in to mediocrity. Yes, this may include some failures along the way but that is part of growth!

So, as you approach the New Year, maybe instead of making goals that you may or may not keep and then "beat yourself up" if you don't reach your goals, maybe go ahead and set larger goals but try fulfilling them through smaller goals and day-to-day actions? Things that are tangible / attainable?

Take time to pray and ask the Lord through His Holy Spirit to help you each day today and in the New Year to come!

Something to think about as we enter the New Year.

Here's to your success and victory in the New Year!

May the Lord work in and through you mightily this next year for His kingdom and glory!

Happy New Year!

Blessings in Christ,


Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!!

Hello and Merry Christmas!!

This is a gift from me to you! 

Each Christmas Morning, The Koch Entourage will pause to reflect on why we as a family celebrate Christmas by reading the Luke 2 account of the Birth of Jesus Christ just before we exchange and open gifts. So, I decided to share this will you via the below images as well as the linked PDF version. Enjoy...and again, Merry Christmas!!

Have a wonderful Christmas! Please see the below!

Because He is the reason for this season,


Friday, December 21, 2012

The Long Awaited One

Waiting...... I don't know anyone, especially in our society who likes waiting! Whether it's for your coffee order, or for the car in front of you to "finally" go when the light turns green, or whatever comes to mind...we aren't great at...Waiting!

Imagine for a moment a man who waited his entire life to see the messiah arrive! Then it finally happened! Wow! What commitment! What a heart he had!

Let me encourage you, that no matter what side of salvation you're on - seek the Lord as He's seeking you, He wants a daily relationship with you and stands ready to forgive you of everything you've done, all the sins you've committed past, present and future! You just need to call upon His name, repent and receive His eternal gift for you - salvation then walk with Him! What a great time of year (any time is great of course) to receive His free gift!

For all of us, the wait is over. Jesus has arrived and is the solution to our ultimate problem which is sin and separation from God!

I wanted to share the below devotional I wrote some years ago that is a great picture of man's commitment and desire to meet the Messiah before he died - and God brought it to pass through what we celebrate on December 25th!

Merry Christmas!

Let me leave you once again, with this benediction:


With Tremendous Love,
Your Brother and Servant,



The Word:

Luke 2:21-35
Additional Reading: Micah 5:2-4

“The Long Awaited One” by Randolph Koch

Imagine if you had to wait an entire lifetime to attain a goal. This would take patience and determination. Today, in the “I want it here and right now” world we live in, this might not go over too well. Personally speaking, even as I write this, many things come to mind that I've waited for and with some of these things I’ve honestly been waiting for many years for God to open the doors He’s clearly been preparing to lead me through. Let me say, this hasn’t been easy at times and has been very frustrating sometimes. Yet, I keep waiting and keeping my faith and trust in Him as I know He’s preparing the way. He keeps reminding me that it will happen in His will and in His timing- not mine. I look forward to the day when the door swings wide-open for me.

Now, place yourself in Simeon’s shoes for a minute. He was an older and very devout man that the Holy Spirit was working through. It was revealed to him through The Spirit that he would not die before he would see the Messiah. Simeon had literally been waiting his whole life to see Jesus Christ, the Son of God come to Bethlehem as the prophets of old foretold. Then after Jesus was born and circumcised and the days of purification were completed according to the Law, Mary and Joseph made their way to the temple to present Jesus to the Lord. Simeon saw the baby Jesus and took Him with joy into his arms, held Him and said the following words:

"Sovereign Lord, as you have promised,
you now dismiss your servant in peace.
For my eyes have seen your salvation,
which you have prepared in the sight of all people,
a light for revelation to the Gentiles
and for glory to your people Israel."
-Luke 2:29-32

The long awaited One had arrived! Simeon’s wait was over! We can only imagine the sheer joy, wonder, and awe he must has experienced as he held in his very arms the One whom God had sent as Savior of the world!

Possibly you’ve been waiting your whole life for something that you just couldn’t place your finger on? Jesus is the One who you’ve been missing and honestly, He’s been waiting for you to realize your need for Him. Please seek Him now while you still have time to receive His gift.

Maybe you have Him now and have received Him but have forgotten what a gift He is? It’s not too late to enter back in re-committing yourself to live for Him, His purpose and plan. It’s never too late to turn away from complacency and bad habits. Even if you feel that you’ve forsaken and completely turned away from Him, it’s never too late to return to Him as His arms are wide open waiting for you to come to Him.

Whatever your situation is, run to him and cling to Him because the long awaited One, Jesus Christ, is waiting for you and came to earth on your behalf for your salvation!

Questions To Get Started With:

-Have you received His gift of salvation yourself?
-Have you been missing something in your life that you can’t quite place your finger on? Have you considered that Jesus Christ is who you’ve been missing?
-If you’re a Christian, have you become complacent in your faith and relationship with Him? If so, do you know what you need to do to get back what you once had with your Savior?
-This Christmas, will you celebrate the true meaning and reason for Christmas?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Through The Eyes of A Child and Our Greatest Need

Hello and Merry Christmas!

Today I wanted to share two items with you. 

1. I wanted to share this cute video I saw recently at a Christmas celebration of The Christmas Story Through the Eyes of Children:


2. Here's a poem that I really love by Roy Lessin titled "Our Greatest Need":

Our Greatest Need
by Roy Lessin

If our greatest need had been information,
God would have sent us an educator.

If our greatest need had been technology,
God would have sent us a scientist.

If our greatest need had been money,
God would have sent us an economist.

If our greatest need had been pleasure,
God would have sent us an entertainer.

But our greatest need was forgiveness,
So God sent us a Savior.  

Have a blessed day!

Blessings during this Christmas time,


Friday, December 14, 2012

Emmanuel - Our God (Your God) is With Us (You)

Feeling alone right now or lately? 

Please hear me, God is there with you and for you, friend. Just call out to Him, He is there! 

Please view this video which is another great video reminder to share during this Christmas season. 

"Emmanuel" by Geoff Moore. 

May you be encouraged and ministered to through this song and reminder that He is with you!



Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The 12 Days Of Christmas


Happy 12-12-12! Hope this message finds you well!

There are twelve days until Christmas! Are you ready? Are you ready to celebrate the most important Birthday ever? I hope you are!

Today, I wanted to share something I found years ago on 

Dayspring produces great cards and some years ago they placed the below linked devotional content online.

They called it the Twelve days of Christmas as it is meant to be a 12 devotional countdown until December the 25th.

I placed the 12 devotions in a PDF document for your enjoyment & uploaded it here:

I’ve also uploaded a second PDF document that gives 12 suggested ideas/resources for the 12 days of Christmas here:

There are some good ideas included.

Hope the devotionals and the resource ideas bring you encouragement and a little more of His light to your Christmas holiday festivities and preparations.

Have a wonderful day in Him! Please see the above links.

Because He Lives and He Is the Reason for the Season,

In His Strong Love,
    Your Servant and Brother,


Sunday, December 09, 2012

Carol of The Bells by The Franz Family

Here's another beautiful version of "Carol of The Bells". This one from gifted/talented Franz Family!

Got to love the music of Christmas!



Carol of the Bells // The Franz Family from ColdWater Media on Vimeo.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Are you missing the point of Christmas?


It's clear that many really miss the point of Christmas.

From the craziness of Black Friday through the political correctness that people think should be observed - it's clear that people forget or want to forsake the true meaning of what we celebrate during December and on December 25th!

Recently I saw this brief video from Pastor Greg Laurie where he shares some thoughts on this very thing! Check it out below.

Let me ask you, are you missing the point of Christmas? Or, are you getting the point, the truth of Christmas? 

My prayer for you is that you celebrate and really savor the true meaning of Christmas this year and in the years to come!

Because He is The Reason for the Season,


Sunday, December 02, 2012

December 1st: "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day."

You may or may not have heard this before but here's an updated version of "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" by Casting Crowns....Thought it was a good one to kick the month of December off with! Some great food for thought in this song!