Wednesday, June 01, 2022

June 2022 Memory Verse

My Friend,

For our June scripture memorization, I've suggested Matthew 18:15-20.

I've broken the passage into three suggested parts because it may be easier to memorize in smaller portions. 

This passage is an important part of addressing sin biblically and conflict resolution as we seek to be biblical peacemakers.

Even if you don't memorize it, I highly recommend that you memorize the reference and then read and study it. 

As always, I've suggested the ESV version, which is the version I use most often, however, if you have another good word for word translation you enjoy, feel free to memorize it in that version. It's completely up to you.

You'll notice that following the verses is a list of some basic themes/topics.

I've included those suggestions as I learned many years ago that having at least one theme or topic in mind when you memorize scripture helps you store them in memory and as you have conversations with others in the future, I can guarantee that as those themes/topics come up, the scripture you've memorized will also come to mind and you may share encouragement from God's Word or re-encourage yourself!

May you continue to abide in God's Word through reading, studying, memorization and living it out as vital keys to our growth.

Have fun with scripture Memorization! Don't stress about it! And, as always, be in The Word and stay in The Word!

You're in my prayers and please reach out if you need any tips.

Your Brother and Servant in Christ,


Randolph Koch

P.S. If you need some scripture memorization tips, please check out this article: Scripture Memorization Tips

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