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Thursday, April 25, 2024

New Free Scripture Phone Wallpaper Image

Hello Friend,

I'm excited to share a new scripture image I put together from Psalm 121:12 to share with you for your use as a phone wallpaper image if you'd like. You can download and use the image without change for your personal phone wallpaper.

I hope you are encouraged by this scripture reminder as you remember where your help comes from!

Please take time to read, study, and take to heart, Psalm 121:1-2 for starters.

Also, I've included the previous wallpaper image I created from Psalm 27:1 in case you missed it.

Both background images are compliments of someone from the A Shepherd's Heart community who anonymously contributed them for our projects.

Thank you for your contribution of these beautiful background images! They are a perfect backdrop of these scriptures!

You're in my Prayers!

Your Brother and Servant in Christ,

Randolph Koch

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Monday, May 20, 2019

Faith, Mountains, and Molehills.

Read Matthew 17:20, 1 Peter 5:6-7, Isaiah 41:10, Matthew 6:27–28, Matthew 6:31, and Matthew 6:34

There's the old saying you might be familiar with that is, "Making mountains out of a molehills".  

Unfortunately, we as people of faith who know God's truth (or should), can still fulfill this old saying instead of fulfilling God's Word by responding in faith.

Due to our fear, doubt, forgetting the basic tools God has given us, as well as being guilty of overthinking, we can often create our own mountains and obstacles where there are none. Or, we can take the problems and obstacles at hand and make them far larger than they really are. 

Instead of responding in faith, we can go straight to fear, doubt, anxiety and more which always clouds our vision of God's truth.

In contrast, God's Word reminds us that our faith can move mountains. (Read Matthew 17:20)
The question is, will we allow The Holy Spirit and The Word of God to help us respond more often in faith rather than in fear and doubt?

Will we turn to God's Word and God Himself through prayer first instead of putting Him second while we get stuck in the thoughts of our own heads as well as our emotions? 

Will we strive to turn to God, the wisdom of His Word, the help of His Holy Spirit, Prayer, and Godly counsel more often during the times of problems and obstacles rather than our own thoughts, feelings, and limited wisdom? 

Whether our troubles are mountain sized or molehill sized, let us pray for one another that we'll turn to God in faith first and always and not give into our fears and doubts.

Let's strive to stop living the old life and really ask for God's help to walk in new life every day, in Jesus name.

Your Brother and Servant in Christ,

Randolph Koch